The weekfinish of Mar. 3 to Mar. 6, 2022, noticed Columbus, Ohio inundated with legions of Olympic enhanceing lovers and profession weightenhanceers alike. As An factor of the 2022 Arnprevious Sports activities Pageant (ASF), USA Weightenhanceing (USAW) kicked off the 2022 aggressive season with its first North American Open (NAO) Collection rivals, which noticed almost two thousand athletes competing over the course of three days On the expo’s Celeste Center. 

With so many weightenhanceers in attfinishance, it’s solely pure thOn tright here Can be data smashed left and proper over the course of the weekfinish. Under, you’ll discover The podium finishers For every The lads’s And women’s divisions, As properly as to a shortlist Of A pair of of the distinctive efficiencys that coloured the event as A complete. 

2022 USAW North American Open Collection 1 Results

[Associated: Worldwide Weightenhanceing Federation Suspfinishs Russian & Belarusian Athletes]

2022 North American Open Collection 1 Males’s Results

Under are The podium finishers for every of the male aggressive packages. Notice That Each one listed end outcomes are in kilograms, and The primary quantity Refers again to the athlete’s complete, which is the sum of their biggest efforts in each the snatch and clear & jerk disciplines.

Males’s 55-Kilogram

  1. Gabe Chhum217 (97/120)
  2. Rene Navarrete 206 (91/115)
  3. Matthew Kirkland190 (86/104)

Males’s 61-Kilogram

  1. Brian Reisenauer256 (115/141)
  2. Darrel Barnes 250 (110/140)
  3. James Vaughn245 (109/136)

Males’s 67-Kilogram

  1. Hampton Morris284 (120/164)
  2. Hutch Frifinish251 (114/137)
  3. Kye Bryant245 (110/135)

Males’s 73-Kilogram

  1. Jacob Horst295 (133/162)
  2. Trevor Owens268 (118/150)
  3. Michael Mo258 (116/142)

Males’s 81-Kilogram 

  1. Clarence “CJ” Cummings Jr.326 (142/184)
  2. Edward Ginnan322 (138/180)
  3. Matt Rattay315 (140/175)

Males’s 89-Kilogram

  1. Nathan Damron356 (160/196)
  2. Beau Brown337 (147/190)
  3. Braydon Kennedy 331 (155/176)

Males’s 96-Kilogram

  1. Tom Summa317 (143/174)
  2. Benson Robles314 (142/172)
  3. Ross Bednar303 (137/166)

Males’s 102-Kilogram

  1. Ryan Sester354 (162/192)</…….


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