If there’s anyone who always seems like they are always in everything, it’s Ashton Kutcher. Having his early roots in classic titles such as Dude, Where’s My Car?, My Boss’s Daughter, and The Butterfly Effect, Kutcher is one of the most beloved actors of today’s generation because of his amazing acting talent and range.

What’s more, Kutcher is such a profound person outside the filming set, as he dedicates his time to advocate for important issues, including (but not limited to) global warming, promoting sustainable living, and ending child sex trafficking. He has also spoken out against gun violence, which is all the more reason why he’s deserving of all the love from his fans.

Of course, money isn’t enough to show our appreciation for this actor’s illustrious career. However, his hefty net worth definitely captures how far he’s come and how much we support everything he does.

Here’s how much Ashton Kutcher is worth in 2023.

Ashton Kutcher net worth

As you know, Ashton Kutcher recently appeared in the Netflix comedy series, That ’90s Show. While we don’t know how much Kutcher made for his surprise cameo in the new release, we do know that it has to pale in comparison to his net worth, as this actor is worth over a whopping $200 million!

Parade reports that most of his money came from his roles in uber-popular shows such as The Ranch, That ’70s Show, and, our favorite, Two and a Half Men. For the latter, it is reported that Kutcher made a total of $700,000 per episode, which added a few more million dollars to his net worth. But that’s not the only opportunity that helped Kutcher earn his multimillionaire status!

Outside of acting, Kutcher has a pretty substantial following on social media. His Instagram, @aplusk, has over 4 million followers, while his Twitter, @aplusk, (the first Twitter to ever hit a million followers), has 17 million followers. With all the brands he promotes—Outside Wine, Stop Hate for Profit, and more—we assume he earns a few coins here and there for the promotion of these organizations.

Recently, Ashton Kutcher has kept himself occupied with even more exciting roles, including his upcoming romantic comedy, Your Place or Mine, premiering on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 10.

Check out the official trailer for the film below.

Of course, there is no slowing Ashton Kutcher down, so expect his net worth to double very soon. Until then, keep updated for more information on one of the world’s most favorite actors!

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