MEMPHIS, Tenn — A Memphis woman’s business gained national attention Monday morning on Good Morning America.

GMA3 launched a new series called “Wellness Warriors,” focused on people improving their own lives and the lives of those in their community through self-care and well-being.

Monday’s launch focused on Shawandra Ford and her business Brwnskn Yoga in Whitehaven. Ford is working to bring yoga to underserved communities in Memphis and creating a safe space in the wellness world for People of Color.

Ford said her life change came in 2010 when she lost her mother to cancer, and she struggled through the grief. Yoga helped her, and in 2013 she decided to get her certification and begin teaching children the benefits of yoga.

She teaches yoga to children throughout the inner city. Her students said yoga helps them bring stillness to their minds and positivity to their lives.

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