Vehid Abdullahi is a music producer who’s already making noise in the music and acting scenes. Born in March 1983, Vehid started his music career very young. Initially, he began making remixes, but with time, he started making his own original productions. His name is well known in the music and acting fields after featuring as a music producer in several movies. These include “Riverdale” in 2017, “After” in 2019, and “Quicksand” in 2019. Apart from the entertainment industry, Vehid’s making his mark in the business world. Vehid has started many businesses, including fintech and banking payments systems, from scratch.

Vehid’s contributions in both fields have been highly recognized with multiple awards and numerous accomplishments. He has received the prestigious Taqdeer Award from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai. The award was for his significant contribution to the UAE and the fintech industry. For Vehid, this prestigious award symbolizes his hard work and determination to improve the world daily.

Vehid believes that good things don’t come easy, and luck can take you only a small way; the rest is entirely up to you. You must work hard if you want a good life with a successful career, emotional satisfaction, and trustworthy friends. He notes that we live in a world where no one else will fight your battles with the same vigor and devotion as you would. For Vehid, the goal is to wake up daily focused on his goals and ready to put in all it takes to achieve the results. His advice is that the effort you put in every day and the ability to learn from your mistakes is all it takes to make it in life.

Working in multiple fields at the same time can prove to be a challenge. Vehid speaks of how he had to struggle with acquiring time management skills. Being a music producer and managing several businesses at once was a lot of work for one person. He was always busy and tired until he learned the importance of time management. He notes that he uses his learned time management skills and strives to improve them to ensure better results. Currently, he has a team around him that helps him manage some of his duties when he’s on other job sites.

As a young creative and entrepreneur, Vehid’s vision is to be among the top names in the world in ten years. He believes this won’t be an easy task, but he can achieve it with focus, dedication, the right team, and hard work.

Vehid works in a highly competitive entertainment industry as a music producer and owns different businesses. His accomplishments show his resilience and determination to leave his mark at the top, which he’s already doing. You can expect anything from him despite the challenges that might come his way. Vehid Abdullahi is a name to watch.

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