IT’S football but for Generation Z.

A dizzying download of data, overlaid onto the pitch in front of your eyes.


FIFA’s app gives fans stunning live insight into matchesCredit: FIFA+


The app allows users to put their phone in front of the pitch and see an array of statsCredit: FIFA+


The VR technology is an insight to the future of the beautiful gameCredit: FIFA+

But this isn’t a vision of some hi-tech future.

It is the here and now at the World Cup, offering an insight into how fans will watch the game in the years to come.

Every supporter attending a match here in Qatar can download the FIFA+ app on their smartphones, unlocking the door to a very different approach.

You can get teams in their formations, text updates, real-time statistics, an overview of the competition and video clips after matches are completed.

The real eye-opener, though, comes when you point your camera at the pitch in front of you.

Instantly recognising the venue, you have a choice of as-it-happens graphics.

If you want to know how far Marcus Rashford or Harry Maguire have run, how many passes made, or even how many passes misplaced, the app will tell you.

But you can also get heat-maps showing exactly where individual players or entire teams have dominated or been played off the park.

In fact, there is almost too much information, although absolutely brilliant for the tactical nerd who wants to break down exactly how teams have set up to beat their opponents.

And there’s no reason why it couldn’t be introduced in the Prem, too.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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