The Grand Vieux Liquor Company(GVLC) launched its Hard Shot Vodka in March this year, and they already have another product in the works says Co-Founder Pierce Cairns.

“We’ve been working on some other products, and I think we can probably let the cat slightly out of the bag because we did have it available in a small batch at the Grandview Homecoming. We’ve been working on a Coffee Liquor for about five years, that was one of the things we were developing before we were anywhere close to getting licensed for production. So after a lot of effort, we have a recipe that we’re quite pleased with.”

The company has been working on the Coffee Liqueur for a while now, and Cairns says they’ve already been in talks with Manitoba Liquor. Right now they’re just focusing on production and making sure that when the item becomes available province-wide, it stays available.

“We told Manitoba Liquor at the outset, that we never want them to worry about us not having supply because you do see that happen. Maybe a vodka that you like’s not on the shelf, and it’s months and months before it appears, and that’s because of supply chain issues or production issues. We said we don’t want to be that guy, we want it to be available whenever they need. With the Coffee Liqueur, there are obviously more components to it, but we do have those all ready to go, and we’re looking at doing a larger batch right away.”

You can see the entire journey of GVLC, and how they’ve reached where they are now on there website here.

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