Keeping a lid on expenses is just as important as having guaranteed income. Plane, train and bus tickets, vehicle rentals, hotels, apartments, house or room rentals on collaborative economy platforms, food and other things make up the main outlay. You should also make sure your Internet connection is reliable and your working conditions are suitable to your job.

The cost of living and the exchange rate where you want to travel to must also be at the forefront of your mind. The money you make may not stretch as far in some countries if cost of living is high or the local currency is weak. However, the opposite might be true, and you could have greater purchasing power. It’s certainly something digital nomads must consider when choosing where they’re going.

They use online banking, draw up budgets and use cards and e-wallets to make purchases.

Managing income and expenditure effectively makes all the difference. Check out this article (in Spanish) on Santander Consumer España’s blog, Tu Futuro Próximo (“Your near future”), about other useful tools to manage your finances.

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