But as I thought about it more, it made a lot of sense. Dating is everywhere, whether it be apps, events like speed dating and even TV shows – First Dates, Celebs Go Dating, Love Island, all of which cater for a diverse society of people, all from all walks of life and each own interests.

This year marks Tinder’s 10th anniversary and it got me thinking about how drastically our attitudes have changed since. 

For a very long time, internet dating had a huge stigma attached. It would often evoke ideas of a quickie hook-up, affairs, and at the very worst, murderers masquerading behind a computer screen from their prison, painting the impression they’re a regular member of society.

Either way, few people would have trouble conjuring up images of that person being desperate and lonely, for not being able to find a partner “the old-fashioned way”. 

Now I’m sure there probably are dating sites for all of those people, but it’s not entirely representative of dating or online dating. It’s not one dimensional, nothing in life is. 

But that’s the problem, I’d say there’s too much choice nowadays. Too many options, to the point it becomes overwhelming and the thought of it all gives me a hot flush! 

It’s bad enough when you get to the “date” – trying on your wardrobe where half of your clothes are too small and the other too old fashioned; having that sick feeling in your stomach about not fancying them or vice versa and if he starts whistling “I’m In The Mood For Dancing”, I’ll only be in the mood for one thing. Leaving… Alone! 

My online dating crusades have already become a topic of laughter in my family. My nephews are forever throwing in the “You can’t be too picky, Auntie Lin” comment, to which I would reply “His own teeth, or at least some would be nice though!”

There are so many great things about online dating. My nephew Jake met a wonderful girlfriend who we all love, but for me it just hasn’t worked, yet. I still remain optimistic. 

I still keep in touch with one guy I met online. We speak occasionally, nothing more and in all honesty, I’m fine with that.

Of course a dashing, older gentleman to go for dinner, or the movies, or just to watch TV with would be lovely – but I don’t think I’ll meet him online. 

Maybe I’ll meet him in a pub or a restaurant, who knows? I’m an old-fashioned girl at heart and I’ve been so lucky to have had the love of my life. I know some people never do and I’ll never take my love for granted.

So my question is – if we’re living in a world that’s so hyper connected, where love and romance is at every corner, why are we struggling to find love?

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