While my skin tends to be on its best behavior, thanks to the changing seasons (and maybe my sugar addiction, but the jury’s still out there) it’s currently in a tumultuous and turbulent state. Because of the seemingly abrupt transition from summer to fall, my skin is continuing to rebel. Not only have I noticed an uptick in zits that have decided to camp out on my forehead, but I’ve been dealing with dryness and dullness.

With the change of season also comes the need for a reset. We pull out our heavy duvets, we switch out our tank tops for turtlenecks, and we swap our sandals for boots. And while I make these adjustments, I always look at my beauty routine, too. That’s why I decided to reach for La Prairie’s latest launch, the Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait.

How It Works

After you’ve cleansed the skin and applied toner then it’s time to layer on Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait. Harmony L’Extrait works with the intention of delivering powerful ingredients directly into your skin, and it’s perfectly suited for this task because it’s made up of smaller molecules that have the ability to deeply penetrate the skin barrier. The skin consists of an entire system of cells and lipids, like ceramides, that work together to keep everything running properly. A good balance of fats, moisture, and hydration in the skin barrier is what gives your skin a supple and full look. When this balance is thrown off, your skin begins to look dull, dry, and less plump. There are several reasons that could throw things off balance: hormones, changing seasons, and, of course, aging. As we grow older, lipid levels in our skin decrease, impacting our skin’s ability to hold on to moisture and volume.

Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait takes things a step farther: It’s formulated with Swiss caviar actives and La Prairie’s exclusive cellular complex to reinforce the hypodermis layer of the skin—a.k.a. the innermost layer—going deeper than other skincare products in order to target the skin’s vertical pillars. Our skin is constructed of horizontal and vertical elements that grow weaker with age leading to volume loss and the appearance of wrinkles. Most skincare products target the horizontal pillars of the skin; Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait targets the vertical ones to regain stability within the skin.

According to Dr. Jacqueline Hill, La Prairie’s director of strategic innovation and science, they decided to include caviar extract in the formula because of the ingredient’s rich nutrient makeup and skin nourishing benefits. In tandem with the other ingredients in the formula, Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait works against volume loss, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves elasticity, and boosts moisture.

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

Photos: Courtesy of La Prairie

After I cleansed and toned, I worked a dime-sized amount of Skin Caviar L’Extrait into my skin. As you massage the product in, small beads inside the lightweight formula dissolve into the skin for a sensorial application. I’ve tested the serum for a few weeks now and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin. Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t a huge concern for me right now, dullness and dehydration definitely are and Skin Caviar L’Extrait has helped my skin retain moisture while giving me that glow that fall has stripped from my face.

Skin Caviar L’Extrait isn’t cheap but if you’re able to save up for it, I think it’s worth it. For starters, because this skincare product has so many benefits—from anti-aging to improving the skin’s radiance—it means you don’t have to spend money on other skincare products that do the same thing (or that don’t even work at all). The best, most effective skincare routine is a targeted one. When you use too many products without a clear idea of what they’re even doing, or products that all do the same thing, you could stress out your skin, causing irritation. You want a routine that’s concise and works with your skin, rather than against it.

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