One of the victims of Met Police rapist David Carrick has told how the disgraced officer binned his sex toy collection after fellow cop Wayne Couzens was arrested for murdering Sarah Everard

Metropolitan Police Constable David Carrick, 48, from Stevenage, Herts, who has admitted dozens of rape and sexual offences against 12 women (

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A victim of sex beast cop David Carrick has said that the officer threw out his sex toy collection after fellow Met police officer Wayne Couzens was arrested for murder.

Carrick – known to colleagues as Bastard Dave – admitted this week to 49 charges including 24 rapes, committed over 18 years against 12 victims.

A mum-of-two told The Sunday Mirror how she suffered three years of hell at the hands of the firearms officer.

The victim, who doesn’t wish to be identified, has told how Carrick had a collection of sex toys.

Traumatised victim of monster cop David Carrick set to sue Met Police for damages

A victim of sex offender Carrick said he threw away sex toys after Wayne Couzens’ arrest


©Stan Kujawa)

She said: “He had a drawer full of sex toys. He had this red bondage thing under his bed, where you could tie someone up by the neck, wrists and ankles.

“He whipped me. He made me lie down and forced himself on me.”

But the woman also revealed that after Wayne Couzens was arrested in 2021 for ­murdering Sarah Everard, Carrick threw away his sex toys after Couzens was arrested.

She said: “I think he knew he could be in trouble.”

The victim is now planning a landmark legal claim against Scotland Yard – which failed to stop Carrick, 48, on NINE separate occasions.

She could get tens of thousands of pounds in compensation, along with each of Carrick’s 12 other victims.

Carrick was reported to police nine times



The officer was reported to police nine times over two decades, including for claims of rape, domestic violence and harassment.

The victim planning to sue said: “The police knew what he was like. They didn’t investigate properly.

“Nothing will change what happened to me and the other women but I want to take legal action because maybe that will make the police sit up and act in future.”

Carrick and the victim met through online dating app Tinder in 2017

She said: “He told me he was a police officer. I thought he must be someone I could trust.”

David Carrick at a reunion in July 2009



But she added: “When I first saw him I didn’t like him. He looked like he’d been drinking. He asked me to come back to his house to show me his snakes. I said ‘no’, I’d only just met him. He got me by the neck and tried to lift my top up. I was scared.”

Despite this, a few weeks later she agreed to meet him again. They continued to meet on a regular basis, with Carrick gradually stepping up the abuse. She said: “He wanted me to clean his house naked. I only ever did it once. It was embarrassing.

The woman said Carrick would take her for walks in the woods near his home where he would sexually assault her. She added: “People will be asking, ‘Why did she keep going back?’

“No-one knows how we feel unless they go through it. People being abused still go back to the abuser.”

Black cab rapist John Worboys



Lawyers believe there are parallels with the case of Black Cab rapist John Worboys.

Two of his earliest victims won £41,000 in compensation after the Met failed to properly probe the serial sex attacker.

A judge ruled the force had breached the human rights act by failing to probe early reports over his crimes.

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