Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan

In a recent interview, Saif got talking about his equation with Kareena, and had only nice things to say about her. Talking about how he appreciates Kareena for taking the right emotional decisions, he opened up on how she balances out her life and priorities and she is good friends with her friends. He also said how he has seen her caring so much about planning her time with friends and she’s always correct in her behaviour.

He opened up about their time together as well and told The Times of India, “She has taught me a lot about time management and organizing family holidays; when to go to our ancestral town Pataudi, when to go to London, when to just stay home and make pizzas… It’s been a great ten years and I feel very lucky and blessed.

As someone who has been married for so long, he also went on to say how the secret formula to a successful marriage is having a great deal of space to do their own things and that they give a lot of weightage to their own individual interests. Among other things, he also spoke about how it is tricky to balance between being together and giving each other the space because of their packed work schedules, but they both give equal importance to doing films and making pizzas at home.

Meanwhile, all the Saifeena fans are not just in awe of this duo, but they also love to see glimpses of their life, and of course, their kids Taimur and Jeh. Saif, meanwhile,

Saif and Kareena, they also seem quite interested in the lives of Taimur and Jeh. In fact, Saif said that privacy does become a concern at times and that’s why they travel far and wide to create some private space for the family.

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