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TL;DR: This DIY Building Block STEM Drone(opens in a new tab) is on sale as of April 16 for just $49.99, which is 61% off its original price of $129.

Whether it’s from their insatiable curiosity or the fact that they were practically born with tablets in their hands, kids today are very into STEM. If you’ve got a little one between the ages of 6 and 10, you can indulge their interest with this DIY Building Block STEM Drone(opens in a new tab).

Featured a few times in the past, this DIY drone kit can help you cut back your kid’s screen time for a few hours with a fun, educational experience. It’s regularly $129, but you can save 61% for a limited time and pick up this kit for only $49.99.

Each kit comes with all the supplies needed to put it together, including the circuit board, building blocks, propellers, controller, and the tools you’ll need to connect everything. What’s cool, though, is it’s compatible with popular building block brands (think LEGO). So, your kid can customize and configure the drone setup to look however they please. You’ll have to provide the extra building blocks for that, of course, but we’re willing to bet you already have some laying around.

The step-by-step directions make the DIY project easy to follow. Along the way, kids will learn the basics of aerodynamics and load balance, and even build some practical skills and confidence as well. The final product is a drone that can fly smoothly using UAV technology, do 360-degree flips, and zip around the skies with a few button pushes. If a crash occurs, it’s likely you’ll have to rebuild it from scratch, since it’s literally made with LEGO blocks. But no biggie — it’s all a learning experience anyway, and practice makes perfect.

A reason for kids to put down their tablets and have some educational fun? Count us in. The DIY Building Block STEM Drone is on sale for only $49.99(opens in a new tab) for a limited time. That’s 61% in savings.

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