What a rare beauty routine.

Fans are freaking out over Selena Gomez’s unusual skincare routine, with one TikTok user calling the pop star “ahead of her time.”

“OK, we have to talk about Selena Gomez’s makeup routine real quick ’cause I have never seen anyone do any of this stuff that she’s doing,” Jasmine Darya said in a viral video this week, adding, “I have to wonder if she’s on another level.”

Darya noted that Gomez, 30, begins cleaning her face with La Mer’s $500 Concentrate serum, adding that the singer disclosed that most of the products she used were gifted to her for free.

“So, $500 serum. And she used that first with makeup on to break up the makeup on her face, which I’ve never heard of anyone doing,” Darya said. “I feel like it’s the bougiest possible version of oil cleansing that I have ever seen.”

Selena Gomez’s skincare routine is leaving fans confused.


Gomez then proceeded to remove her makeup using Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Micellar Water ($17) with a white towel, which Darya described as “so crazy.”

“She takes the Bioderma — I also use the product, love it — on a white towel, which is so crazy to me ’cause I feel like I have, like, two white towels in my apartment, and I hate when I get makeup on them,” she said. “Like, I don’t know. Is that just me? I get so pissed. But she, like, purposefully put it on a white towel to wipe her makeup off, which is just so bougie. I can’t even handle it.”

Gomez used a pricey La Mer product to help remove her makeup.


While Gomez went on to use Dermologica’s Multi-Active Toner ($39) with reusable Face Halo pads ($22), a move that the TikToker called “normal” and “better for the environment,” she then started using a tinted under-eye product in an abnormal move before bedtime.

“I’m assuming this is her nighttime routine because she just took off her makeup, but then she puts this Rare Beauty glow under-eye cream serum ($24), but it’s colored, which, I love the idea of this product,” Darya said. “Honestly, that’s kind of amazing, but I’ve just never used a colored eye cream like that right before I go to sleep, and now I’m like, ‘Should I buy it?’ Like, I’m really intrigued by this concept.”

She used a white towel to remove her excess product.


Finally, Gomez used a Beauty Blender ($20) to remove her eye makeup, which Darya dubbed “so smart.”

“This was the last thing that I feel like was kind of out of the ordinary. She takes a Beauty Blender and puts the Micellar Bioderma whatever water on it and wipes off her eye makeup,” she explained. “I have never seen anyone do that, but it’s actually so smart.”

Gomez strategically used a Beauty Blender to remove her eye makeup.


The social media personality continued, “I feel like if you have lash extensions or something where you can’t wipe your eye, because it looked like she was just going around it, but then I’ve never seen anyone do that, and I think it’s so interesting.”

Darya also noted to her viewers that she was not “hating on” Gomez or trying to be “mean” or “critical” but that she was just “in shock at this routine.”

The actress then used a tinted under-eye serum from her own Rare Beauty collection.


“I don’t know. I sound like a psycho, but I thought her routine was really crazy, full of things I’ve never seen before, and she’s ahead of her time,” she shared, adding in the caption, “She’s lowkey genius.”

Several TikTok users flooded the comments section to discuss Gomez’s out-of-the-ordinary regimen.

Fans were stunned by her abnormal use of products.

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“I was also genuinely confused,” one person wrote.

“No I agree this is the wildest bedtime routine I’ve seen,” a second agreed.

“No the makeup on the white towel had me stressed too,” a third wrote.

Her beauty routine could cost up to a staggering $650.


“The La Mer makeup remover feels illegal,” a fourth joked.

“I don’t even know what to do with this information. Genius or psycho unclear,” another commented.

“I was confused if she was taking [makeup] off or applying,” one more wrote.

The Rare Beauty founder’s skincare routine is as pricey as it is perplexing. The regime, from the costly La Mer to the more affordable Rare Beauty brightener and Bioderma products, totals out to approximately $650.

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