Angela Mali teaches sunset yoga on Longboat Key, and she always likes to be present for each session. 

“I’m present. I’m grateful,” she says, eyes closed, seated cross-legged on a mat on the sand.

Outside, away from traffic, technology and what Mali calls “chatter,” she quiets her mind.

“It’s very peaceful,” she says, “there’s something about it that brings much more internal peace-just because of what is all around us.”

From 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., Mali leads the group, and the waves at the edge of the water are the setting for the class pictures in the post yoga glow.

“And the colors explode even more after you finish,” she says, gesturing to a setting sun partially covered by clouds on the horizon, with rays bursting forth into the sky, the last gasp of the day.

“It’s like a little cleansing,” she says of their feet kicking up water, “a little baptism at the end.”

Beaches and open spaces in the Tampa Bay Area are host to multiple yoga practices.

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