Usually talking, American flag desserts function a white frosting base, blueberries To symbolize the flag’s starry space, and both raspberries or sliced strawberries to create its stripes. However, The Sort of berry You use Could make An limitless distinction. Based mostly on The Spruce Eats, You will solely Want To make the most of current berries to prime your flag cake. Whereas using frozen berries Might Even be tempting, their juices are Sure to run, making A multitude and muddling The colours In your cake.

There is a set off why current and frozen fruits Finish In a quantity of outcomes when used as cake primepings. Based mostly on King Arthur Baking, when fruit is frozen, the water Inside it expands As a Outcome of it turns into ice. This enlargement breaks down the fruit’s cell construction, which means That when defrosted, the fruit Shall be a lot softer than it was current. In consequence, thawed, damaged-down berries Usually Are likely to have juices that run, As in contrast with their current counterparts.


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